Skopelab was founded in 2020 by computational designer and digital artist Mark Lloyd.


Our mission is to capture the moment through computational algorithms, artistic sensibility and acoustic understanding, so bringing sounds to life in a unique visual form.

On Grasshoppers, 

Rhinos and the Rabbit Hole of Computational Design

Grasshopper is a visual programming language within the Rhinoceros 3D CAD application. This new approach to design is transforming the design fields of Architecture, Product, Jewelry, Fashion and Automotive. Welcome to "Computational Design", a true paradigm shift.


One can imagine Computational Design as the designer, artist or architect moving beyond the traditional idea of "creating" towards that of "imagining the rules of creation".


Hence the beautiful diversity of possible outcomes, which are all a combination of "the code" and external factors. Just like all forms of life, which are the combination of DNA and environmental influence.  

This power resides in the very nature of algorithms: they are akin to "imagination machines" that can transform infinite inputs into infinite results.

In the case of Skopelab, the principle input is your sound.